Praxis Clinic Management System

PRAXIS-24 is Web based Clinic & Patient Management System.  You can manage with Praxis-24 your patients appointments, clinic data, financial information. You can reach all your patients data from any device.

Patient Card

You can get the patient information you need at a glance on the patient summary and manage your patients appointments, clinic data and financial information.

Package Management

You can define packages for your patients and enter financial data for it.  You can also activate or deactivate a package. If a package is defined for a patient new appointments are subtracted from defined package total.

Appointment Calendar

You can monitor your patients appointments on daily / monthly  or yearly calendar.

Income Chart

You can display monthly and yearly total income in a chart display.
You can filter via payment method.

Statistical Charts 

You can display attributes like gender, redirect as charts.


You can monitor daily, monthly and yearly financial data in table.